Why Alignments • Origins of LEAP

Why Alignments?

Currently we are experiencing a lot of unexpected change in our lives. You might find yourself caught in reactions to the challenging turmoil of personal, family, community, national, or global circumstances. When you’re caught in reactions, your thinking is not focused. Your energy can be dissipated, stuck in fear, anger, blame or worry. These reactions can drain your energy, confuse your thinking, cause you to experience tension in your body and forget about the beauty in the world.

When a LEAP teacher aligns you, she frees and draws together those disparate parts of your energy, bringing them back into the core of you. Being brought into alignment gives your body, mind, emotions and spirit a break, for the duration, from all else in life and allows you to be connected to your Source.

This helps you see, sense, and feel options that you hadn't noticed before, opening your mind to increased or new possibilities.

So, during the alignment you have all of your energy running through you. Or at least all of the disparate parts of you as can be rounded up and brought back at that particular moment.

Having on-going alignments has a cumulative effect. LEAP, with its 10 weeks of daily alignments, taps into this.

Some of the ways that the cumulative effect shows up are: greater self-confidence, lessening of depression, the ability to navigate life’s unanticipated bumps more easily than expected.

And… alignments can be deeply relaxing.

To experience the LIVE Beam Meditation, click the audio link below.

You will hear Scout Bartlett, developer of the meditation and Life Insights Teachings.


Origins of LEAP

The Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) offers the benefits of the Life Insights alignments. These alignments are the core of ‘the healing class’, which is the foundation of the Life Insights Teachings developed by Scout Bartlett. LEAP highlights the alignments in a new way.

Initially, this program started as a research project. Because of the phenomenal results experienced across all areas of life by the participants, we now offer the adventure of LEAP for your growth.

LEAP focuses on the power that alignments have on your life and allows you to explore the benefits of these alignments. As a result of the alignments, the majority of participants were able to approach their life differently. They reported having more confidence, an expanded sense of time, and feeling grounded.



Scout Bartlett