About the Program

The Life-Insights Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) helps us move with equanimity, allowing us to open more deeply to what is good around us. LEAP provides an opportunity for us to celebrate life more fully, and also to find the places that are working well for us and expand them.

As we gently release the tensions in our life, we open up space to experience our innate ability to celebrate the everyday moments: the sunrise, a birdsong, the smile of a child. When LEAP opens that beam of energy that we are, we can experience more joy in life, connecting with ‘who we really are’. And as we celebrate life, humanity’s innate ability to celebrate goodness is empowered as well.

The Life Insights Energy Alignment is a technique which:

  • Grounds you to the planet,
  • Connects you to Source,
  • Centers and balances you,
  • Assists you to walk through life with your energy open and flowing,
  • Allows you the opportunity to make new choices,
  • Assists you to move forward in your chosen direction.

Program Duration: 10 weeks

Daily Alignments: Participants receive 8 energy alignments per week, are given to participants.

Four Master Teachers of the Life Insights Teachings provide the alignments.

Participant Qualifications: LEAP is open to participants ages 13 and older. Parental approval required for those under 18.

Participant Requirements

  1. Answer these questions:
    • “How am I, and How is Life for me now?”
    • “What I want to release, heal, and/or enhance.”
  2. Save your answers in a safe, easily accessible place to have them available at the end of the 10 weeks.
  3. Fill out the Registration Form, including a copy of your answers, a recent photo of yourself, and registration payment. Please know that your answers are CONFIDENTIAL. Register
  4. Note the beginning and ending dates of the alignments. Calendar
  5. Participate in a phone conversation with one of the teachers at the end of the program.

Reported Benefits from Participants

  • Underlying anger dissipated.
  • Participants much calmer.
  • Family vacations less stressful and deeply satisfying.
  • Financial and day-to-day decisions easier to make.
  • New, more rewarding, employment opportunities arose.
  • Interest in life increased.
  • Recognition of beauty around them heightened.
  • More at ease with themselves. 


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