Additional Services

Some LEAP participants have found that as their energy expands in new ways, they would like additional support.


Three different ways of receiving that support are:


LEAP Bridge: For those currently registered in LEAP


For the 3-week period between the end of one LEAP session and the start of the next, we offer the LEAP Bridge Program.


Some participants register for Bridge as preparation for engaging in their next round of LEAP. This can provide an even deeper level of support and transformation


You may sign up for LEAP Bridge at any time during your current LEAP enrollment.


LEAP Bridge: $45 – for those currently registered in LEAP.




Supplementary Support


This may be the package for you if you wish a series of one-on-one interactions with a LEAP teacher for conversation, questions and extra energy support.


This package consists of four 10-15 minute phone session, one session every other week. All four sessions happen during the 10-week period of LEAP.


If you wish to choose a particular teacher to work with, let us know and we will notify the teacher of your choice, who will then contact you. (You are not obligated to choose the person who enrolled you in LEAP.)


Supplementary Support: $100.00 for the 4-session package for those currently registered in LEAP.



Individual Session


Each teacher is a practitioner of multiple types of energy work. You are welcome to sign up with any of the teachers to work individually with them.


To learn more about the individual teachers and what they offer, click on their picture to the right.


You benefit from being in LEAP, with or without signing up for these additional services.


Any questions, or to sign up to work with a particular teacher, please contact us.


In light and love,

The LEAP Team